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Force of Nature

Inspired by her recent journey through Central and South America, Georgia spent over a year travelling from Mexico down to Ushuaia, Argentina, the gateway to Antartica. This series captures the colours from the deserts of Northern Chile to the glaciers of Southern Patagonia. The paintings reflect the breathtaking but brutal energy of Mother Nature from some of the most remote parts of the planet.


'This series for me pushed me way out of my comfort zone, using colours I would never normally approach. The whole experience of this trip has been incredible for my journey as an artist as I exhibited along my travels, collaborating with local artists as well as being able to immerse myself in new, strange landscapes.'



This series was the final series created before Georgia embarked on her journey from Mexico to the bottom of South America. It embodies her gratitude for her home as she soaked up all the colours of the South West of England which was going to be missed. Her home is what makes her paintings gentle.


'This series is timeless to me because I will always have a love for the South West coastlines of England. They are all water mixable oil on board, with no harsh pigments or solvents used, keeping my practise as gentle as the feelings I am trying to evoke.'



A series of heavily textured pieces that reflect the raw and wild elements found on our Earth. This energy can be found when the sea meets the land, when the sky meets the sea, when the rock meets the sand. Georgia recreates this feeling using abstract compositions and Earthy colours alongside her classic blue tones. This allows each piece to be perceived how you wish and to choose which way you hang the painting up on your wall, making the experience of art within this series more personal.

A selection of Georgia's Earth pieces are available to buy in Polka Dot Gallery in Exeter.

Please call 01392 276500 to enquire.



Rediscovering her love for the environment brought Georgia to create her own toxic free paints. In using a different medium a totally new style emerged, a soft style that reflected a feeling of calmness, contrasting with today's world, bringing emotional relief. With this, Georgia pushed the boundaries of abstract painting.


'How abstract can a painting become while still evoking a sense of place, a sense of the sea?'


Sense of Space

Born out of lockdown, this collection reconnects you with the sense of space that the ocean holds. The joy and peace felt from being by the sea was created in the making of these paintings, in a time where it wasn't possible to get there.

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