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Inspiration from our Natural World

Georgia has travelled the world with her sketchbooks since she was 18, in between university and then after the Covid restrictions were lifted. She goes to the most remote parts to work alongside the local people, to understand the culture, speak the language and give back to communities with her work as an artist. She has been to a large variety of different places, from the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa, to Japan's northen island of ice and snow, to indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest. She learns about how different people make their own art, using natural pigments and living a more holistic, gentle lifestyle. As well as travelling for culture, Georgia also explores and hikes different mountain ranges, from the Alpes to the Andes. Georgia uses her experiences across the world to inspire her artwork.

Natural pigments from Mexico to Patagonia

Natural pigments offer a more sustainable approach to painting. Georgia has explored, tested and documented natural pigments from Mexico down to the bottom of South America, a journey which has taken her 1 year and 1 week to complete.

'I found Mexico unbelievably colourful, in every sense. And the pigments out the desert area were wonderful. These rock pigments continued to impress me all the way down to northern Chile and Argentina. Peru was especially impressive with it's wild variety of rock pigment colour. I found Colombia rich in fruit pigments. The indigenous people of the Amazon taught me a lot here and when I was living in the city of Medellin, I visited the fruit markets to make my own inks while I was there. I also learnt a lot in Nicaragua, when I was making art with an off-grid community of women there, they introduced me to native seeds that produced powerful red pigments. When I eventually reached Patagonia, all the way down south, the variety of natural pigments became less but the colour inspiration was still mind blowing. Who knew that ice from some of the world's most impressive glaciers would hold such a deep blue within them.'

Earth series - continued

Georgia's most recent trip will inspire a new series of Earth pieces, with new colour schemes and painting techniques learnt while away. Below shows a small preview of this series and how the Earth collection mimics our stunning landscapes. 

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A selection of Georgia's Earth pieces are available to buy in Polka Dot Gallery in Exeter. Please call 01392 276500 to enquire.

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